AHI Architectural Heritage Intervention

“Contributing to enhancing our heritage, as the way forward for 21 st Century architecture is our raison d’être; to emphasize a diverse, rich vision that necessarily complements the intervention is our mission, and achieving it with reflexive and purposeful efforts is the challenge”.

This project, founded in, and directed since, 2011 by Ramon Calonge, Oriol Cusidó, Marc Manzano and Jordi Portal, architects and members of the Group of Architects for the Defence and Intervention in Architectural Heritage (AADIPA), has, through the years become a platform that includes four actions that are both independent and transversal.
The European Award, a biennial event that brings together and showcases the multiple approaches of intervention in Europe.

The International Biennial, a framework that serves to compare and gain closer insight of quality interventions in architectural heritage in non-European countries.

The digital Archive, a live and open window that provides a panoramic view of interventions in the history of our surroundings.

The Forum, a meeting place where you can participate in on-going debates about the main preoccupations and lines of thought about interventions in architectural heritage in Europe.


Monsaraz Fortifications - west and south Barbican path

Monsaraz Fortifications - west and south Barbican path

The project undertakes the rehabilitation of Monsaraz west and south Barbican path. The intervention consisted of restoring the collapsing walls, reactivating the old defensive Barbican route and opening previously closed portals, transforming this place into an exceptional path for landscape and territory contemplation. The fortification material and its constructive specificity clarifies the intervention strategy. Schist as the main building material of walls and pavements and granite as an exceptional material of wall portals construction, embody the new interventions that seek to reinforce the cultural and public character of the place. Archaeological monitoring allowed a more rigorous definition of the different design interventions, which consists on walls restauration, new schist pavements and new granite stairs. Cortensteel appears as a new material for elements outside the wall perimeter, such as stairs and lampposts. This work aims to preserve the authenticity of places, its historical continuity and architectural landscape identity.


Pedro Pacheco Arquitectos
Pedro Pacheco
José Aguiar


Collaboration: Afonso Botelho, Ricardo Carvalho, João Marques, Livia Cenci, Filipa Jacinto
Conservation: José Aguiar (FAUL)
Engineering: Thomaz Ripper, João Ferreira (Leb)
Corten Steel Structure: Cristina Martinho (ARA)
Metal Works consultancy: Albino Costa
Light: João Pernão (FAUL), Pedro Telhado (Light2Life)
Survay, 3D Documentation: João Ferreira (Leb)






Reguengos de Monsaraz



Surface area sqm


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Original Programme

Defense Military Fortification



© Photographer

André Cepeda


Medieval (XIII) - Modern Fortification (XVII)

Type of intervention

Restoration and Rehabilitation

Level of intervention