Call for topics

"The intervention in architectural heritage is passion, passion for history, for people, techniques ...", "... we need a global vision ...", "... I defend daring interventions ...”, "... we have to lose our fear of hybridizing the past and present ..." ... Jury members from previous editions of the Award begin the debate in the documentary "Call for topics" on architectural heritage. Enrich the argument with your opinions and reflections by sharing your comments on the subject on our website.


As the architect Fernando Cobos comments in the documentary Call for Topics, "heritage conservation interests all humanity, and not only the society that owns it." For this reason, here at the European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention AADIPA, we encourage you to participate through our website and with a global perspective, in this open debate which takes the documentary Call for topics as a starting point. In it, architects and historians, among others, all of them jury members of previous editions of the Award, initiate a rich and enlightening debate about the current state of intervention and how should architecture and other agents involved in the process act, to establish a framework of good heritage practices.

It is time to share your point of view on architectural heritage and to explain how you believe or think that this practice should be in the future. Given the informative aspect of the Award, we encourage you to lend continuity to the argument with your opinions and reflections on a subject that is becoming increasingly relevant in the current society in which we live.

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