The award at the Congrés d'Architecture

30 November 2016

The award at the Congrés d'Architecture

True to its willingness to contribute to the dissemination of good heritage practice and its commitment to becoming increasingly consolidated, the European Prize for Architectural Heritage Intervention AADIPA, from the beginning of its trajectory has been present at those events in the sector considered to be of relevance. 

The Congrés d'Architecture 2016, an event organized by the Association of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) and which through debates, discussions and presentations has for 6 months been attempting to identify the new challenges of architecture and to put forward professional instruments to achieve them, invited the architect Jordi Portal, co-director of the event, to participate in an synopsis session which was held on November 24th. His intervention, part of a session devoted to the commitment in the field of heritage, dealt with explaining the rationale and the primal goal of the award, which will be holding its third edition in 2017. An award that arose from the conviction that in the current context, architectural heritage as well as a fundamental instrument of knowledge, is a socio-economic resource of the first order for sustainable development of territories. A biennial call with an international vocation that gives a voice to all professionals involved in the heritage value chain and which is committed to the dissemination of good heritage practices at European level in order to share knowledge with other forms of intervention.

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