The Award, values and rules

30 June 2016

The Award, values and rules

In December 2016, The European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention AADIPA, a biennial contest organized by the Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC) and AADIPA (Association of Architects for the Defence and Intervention in Architectural Heritage) will open registration for what will be its third call.

A new event for all those experts involved in the heritage value chain who want to participate in an award aimed at distinguishing and contributing to the dissemination of good intervention practices in built heritage in all its dimensions. In other words, not only does the award consider those actions related to the specific field of monumental protection, but it also recognizes the knowhow and the method implicit in existing architecture interventions, regardless of scale, where good practice certifies quality. 

The works carried out within the European geographical area that have been submitted via telematic registration, and meet all the requirements detailed in the rules, will be assessed by an international jury appointed each year by the award management. A committee of experts selected for their proven track record in the field of intervention in Architectural Heritage, a criteria which shall guarantee rigor and fairness in their decision. A jury in each category composed of representatives from the three geographical areas (Catalonia, Spain and Europe) sharing sources, ways, values and tradition, synergies that contribute to their affinity in the approach to the analysis of the works.  

In order to ensure an economically sustainable, flexible and fair selection process, each juror receives the information and the material about the works presented and assesses them individually based on the evaluation criteria specified in the rules. Not until the day before the communication of the award, does a meeting take place at which members of the international jury of each category ascertain the list of finalists, as a result of their individual scores. At the meeting the final discussion takes place to determine the winner of each category. The architects comprising the Award Management and representatives of the COAC and AADIPA will also be in attendance with the aim of reaching a consensus and confirming the suitability of the award decision 

The jury will issue a written report which shall contain the winning works and the finalists in each category. The verdict will be announced at a public event, at a place and date that the award management will announce in due course, coinciding with the Third AADIPA European International Biennial, a technical seminar, organized by the award to encourage reflection and debate on how to address heritage intervention comparing European methods with other forms of action.

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